Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yeah, it's been a while...

Hey everybody.  I know it's been a while since my last blog post, but I finally have some new items in the shop today.  Lately I've got a thang for "Mini Tote" bags.  There are so many reasons to have a small bag handy don't you think?  Every time I go to Japan I see all these women with their gorgeous designer bags over their shoulder and in their hands they are carrying a cute little tote for their bento.  I think that's where my small obsession for these mini bags started.
A small tote bag is just practical.  Whenever I'm running a quick errand or just going to the market, I don't like carrying a big bag(don't get me wrong I  LOVE my big bags) when all I need is my wallet, keys and phone.  A small bag also makes a great lunch bag or a special purse for a keiki(child).  Also because the bag is small you can afford to be a little more ostentatious with your fabric choice and express personality with bold patterns or cute characters.
Anyway, here is my take on the "Mini Tote".

Small Brown Vintage Twill Ruffled Tote Bag

Small Pink and White Japanese Elephant Tote Bag

Small Black Pink and White Hello Kitty Mini Tote Bag

Small Black Pink Gray and White Tokidoki Tomodachi Mini Tote Bag

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