Tuesday, December 21, 2010

new in the shop today

I try to load up on super cute fabrics whenever I am in Japan.  This one caught my eye right away in the fabric store however it was the only meter left!  So of course I begged them to give it to me.  =D  It also came in a white background, so I had to buy that one too.  I decided to make an extra large bag with it because the print is so large, so it would make a perfect travel companion or even a diaper bag.  I still have so many beautiful japanese fabrics that I just can't bear to cut, but my stash has become too big for me to store so I will have to make more bags with unique fabrics like this soon.


  1. This bag is gorgeous, so bright and cheery. I love fabrics from Japan. I was there this past summer and what an awesome place.
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