Thursday, December 9, 2010

Organize Your Big Bag

Let's face it, I am a bag addict.  I especially love big bags!  Like most moms I never know what or when I might need to have something on hand.  So naturally I find it necessary to carry everything with me where ever I go.  Big bags are great for this purpose.  The only problem with a big bag is that it can be hard to find something at a moments notice and you could be standing there digging around in it forever.  Using small pouches and purse organizers to reduce clutter in your bag can often solve this dilemma.  Here are some of my favorite Etsy items to help you organize your big bag in style.

White Hand Stitched Leather Clutch/ Wallet by TheLeatherTH

In Touch Clutch (tm) in Wallflower Greens by downstairsDesigns

Small Ruffled Clutch In Blue and Cream Stripe with Lace and Silk by BadkittyHawaii

Leather Wristlet Wallet with detachable strap by studiocatb

Red and Brown Vine Wrist Key fob by GimCarry


Mini zippered pouch (Vermillion) by katoo

Nerd Herder Odds and Ends Gadget Wallet by rockitbot

Don't you just love um?  I want one of each!  
If you wanna find out more info on a certain item just click the link below each photo and it will take you straight  to the item listing on Etsy.  


  1. Very cool! My bag needs to be organized! Great ideas.

  2. these items are just lovely and I need to organize my bag also! I wonder why they are always a mess, lol.


  3. LOVE! I am inspired to toss out my old bag!

  4. I love the variety of things you found to help keep your bag organized. That is always my problem. Everythign falls to the bottom and gets in the way of everything else.

  5. Hi! Love your bags! Found you on the etsy forums, come check me out too pls - I'm having a giveaway that ends tomorrow!

    ps. I'm from Hawaii too! Going back in a couple weeks for the holidays, and I can't wait!

  6. I love allllll of these findings theyare soo great! Thanks for sharing them!