Monday, December 13, 2010

Featured Artist Sara Norwood

Today's post is about Sara Norwood, a very talented artist from Brighton England.  Sara's artwork caught my eye because not only does she create such unique wall art, but she also incorporates those designs into textiles and lifestyle accessories.  I was fortunate enough to get Sara to answer a few questions for me. Here is my interview with her.

Badkitty:  Hi Sara, tell me a little bit about yourself.
Sara:  I graduated with a degree in surface and textile design a few years ago and since then have been working on getting my business up and running. I have always loved drawing and making things even as a child. I’m a big kid and love anything quirky and magical.

Badkitty:  Where do you live/work?
Sara:  I live in Brighton on the windy south coast of England. It’s a fun, lively bohemian town full of quirky individuals! I work from a studio in my house.

Badkitty:  Can you describe your work area?
Sara:  I am the messiest person alive! – I have a huge desk which has my sewing machine on one end and a carousel of drawing equipment on the other. I have pin boards on the walls in an attempt to collate ideas, scraps, notes and photos on. I have an entire wall of fabrics, papers and art equipment. I describe my studio as chaotic... but that’s just how I like it!
Badkitty:  Sounds like my workspace too.  I think it's hard to be neat when you're trying to be creative.  

Badkitty:  I really love your whimsical animal artwork.  Where do you get your inspiration from?
Sara: Obviously nature continually inspires me as do fairytales, stories and poetry. I have always held a deep affinity with animals and love to bring out their character through my illustrations.

Badkitty:  What is your favorite part in the design process?
Sara: I really love drawing but my favourite part has to be design development - it’s so exciting to see your initial drawings morphing into possible designs.

Badkitty:  What kinds of medium do you most like working with and why?
Sara: In the drawing process I love using all kinds of medium from pencils to paint and also love to make paper collages. I enjoy working with fabric and really love drawing with free machine embroidery – I see my sewing machine as an extension of my drawing tools really and will use this technique more in my future designs.

Badkitty:  I usually listen to music when I'm working.  Today in my workroom I'm listening to the Pixies.  Do you listen to music while you are creating? and if so, what do you most like to listen to?
Sara: I love to listen to music when I’m working. I would describe my music taste as ‘eclectic’ (to say the least) I listen to sooo many kinds of music – from opera to dance music from soul to heavy metal! I get caught up in the music and then suddenly realise how much work I’ve completed....brilliant!
Badkitty:  That's cool.  I love to mix it up too.  I agree that it make the day seem to go faster especially when I've got a lot of work to do.

Badkitty:  So where can we find your items?
Sara: I sell my items through galleries and shops as well as on Etsy and Folksy.

Badkitty:  Do you have a facebook page, website or blog that you are trying to promote?
Sara: Yes my website is and you can follow me on facebook at!/saranorwooddesigns

Badkitty:  Thanks so much Sara for doing this interview with me!  
I just love chatting with different artist because even though we each have a different craft, it's interesting to see how much we all have in common.  Here are some of my favorite items available in Sara's Etsy shop and Website.

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  1. I love the pillows - I'm going to check out her shop now